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Erik's Reptile Edventures in Schools

The World Of Reptiles And Amphibians for Schools

Come and Celebrate the diversity of reptiles and amphibians and Arthropods from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Madagascar! This interactive presentation allows children of all ages the opportunity to see touch and learn about the lives of these amazing animals! Participants will meet 12 species of animals including, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Tree Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, and an American Alligator named Walley! All Participants are sure to leave this program with new knowledge and appreciation for these amazing animals! This show includes pre and post activities, and educators guide!

The World Of Reptiles And Amphibians
(Program time 45-60 min grades K-12)
Fee-325.00 prices may vary with location

Reptiles And Amphibians Of Long Island And The East Coast for Schools

Come explore the diversity of reptiles and amphibians from Long Island New York, and the East coast! This interactive presentation features LIVE reptiles, and amphibians, and an interactive slide show that teaches about the importance of these amazing animals in our own backyards! This show includes pre and post show activities and educators guide!

Reptiles And Amphibians Of Long Island And The East Coast
(Program time 45-60 min grades K-12
Fee-325.00 prices may vary with location

Erik's Reptile Edventure Workshops for Schools

Animal Adaptations - How Do They Do It? (45 min grades 2-12)

This workshop teaches children all about adaptations of reptiles and amphibians including camouflage, adhesion, and mimicry. Participants will see live lizards, frogs, and turtles set up in a natural vivarium,and use interactive worksheets (provided) to record scientific observations. Once their observations are complete students will learn how to graph the data they collect and learn the steps of scientific method! This workshop includes a living vivarium as teaching tool, pre and post activities and one class pet your class gets to keep!

Locomotion - How Can You Move? (Time 45 min grades 2-12)

Some animals move in very different ways. Children will learn three different modes of locomotion that reptiles and amphibians use to get around their environment. Children will get moving in our mini obstacle course where children have an opportunity to jump like frogs, move like snakes, and crawl like salamanders!

Metamorphosis From Eggs To Frogs! (Time 45 min grades 2-12)

Children will learn about the life-cycles of various frogs and toads including tree frogs, jungle frogs and marine toads! During this work shop children will view live tadpoles and frogs at various stages of development and learn how to collect data on our interactive worksheets.

School Programs with Erik's Reptile Edventures


"This was a wonderful experience and the children loved it! We would recommend this program to anyone interested"

-Ms. Burden, Teacher - Clayton Huey Elementary School at Center Moriches NY