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Erik's All Day Edventure Parties & Safaris

All Day Edventure Parties & Safaris

Let us be your guest and experience a LIVE animal Edventure you and your kids will never forget! You'll get a chance to meet 12 LIVE reptiles amphibians and bugs up close! Your child and guests will have a chance to interact with roaches from Madagascar, frogs from Australia, pythons from Asia and we can't forget Walley the American Alligator! Just to name a few. This party includes fun interactive activities including a frog jumping contest! We also have giveaways for guests and a gift for the birthday child!

One Hour Edventure Safari Party!
Base 350.00 in Suffolk County
Base 375.00 in Nassau
Base 400.00 in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx

Half Hour Edventure Safari
Base 275.00 in Suffolk County
Base 300.00 Nassau
Base 325.00 Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx

Choose Your Own Edventure!
First hour $500 each additional hour $400

To add Gifts and giveaways mention Gifts and Giveaways when you book a show!

Erik's Reptile Edventures Safaris & Parties


"I was so impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm that I immediately booked his program, Erik’s Reptile Edventures, at the Patchogue-Medford Library.

...In fact, he is so popular with our families, we have had to book him for two or three shows each time he comes to our library. Erik’s programs are so much fun for both children and adults because he truly loves what he does and possesses a vast knowledge of his subject matter.

...He has a very nice way of speaking to and engaging with children. He is able to joke with them and surprise them with different things during the presentation but is also able to keep them under control at the same time. He has always arrived on time and is always prepared for whatever situation arises.

...I do not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in having an informative, fun, hand- on reptile experience!"

- Jane Drake - Children’s Librarian